Epilogue: Part 1

I rode a 2013 FJR 1300 and I liked it!  But no purchase yet.  I love the Super Tenere.  The seating position, the awesome ABS and Traction Control, the fact that I have it completely farkled.  But, the FJR was really nice too!  The guys at www.motorsportsworld.com let me ride the FJR.

I have washed the Super Tenere 4 times now.  I’ve swapped the tires back to the pre-trip tires.  Changed the oil, but not the rear diff fluid yet.  I really have to take the bike apart to finish cleaning it.

Since returning from the awesome Alaskan adventure, both Dendog and I have had a bunch of questions.  Here are some of them and some plausible answers.

Q:  Would you do it again?
A:  NO WAY!!!  Not the way we did it.  Too many miles in too short a period of time.  It was hard to stop and just take it in when we had so much distance to cover.

Q:  What would you have changed?
A:   It would have been great to have the time to stay in Dawson City for a few days waiting for some nice weather to do the Top of the World / Taylor higways.  We didn’t have that luxury so we rode on one of the 4 rainy days that we had (5 for me). Bit of a drag to have the high point also be a low point.
The seat on the Super Tenere.  It just hated my thighs. I will have to go for a Russel Day Long custom seat this winter.
I would have liked to camp more.  A more relaxed schedule would have helped with this.

Q: What is the ideal size of a riding group
A:  Whatever works for you.  Dendog and I get along well.  With only two of us it made hotels & camping easy.  One room or one site.  Any larger a group and we may need more rooms or sites.  Also, with only two people you are dealing with fewer individual circadian rhythms.  Easier to get going and rest stops are faster.  I think there is also merit in doing a long trip solo.  That would be pretty cool, but not as cool as traveling with an awesome friend or friends or brother.

Q:  Wish you could have taken a different bike?
A:  Nope.  The Super Tenere was awesome (ignoring the seat this time).  I do wish I had spooned on some Heidenau K60 tires in Whitehorse and then swapped back after we did the dirt roads.

Q:  What happened with all of the failed equipment?
A:  I’ve had pretty good luck.  Klim came through with replacement knee and elbow armor (only one pad failed).  GoPro sent we a new case for my HD Hero (since I had already purchase one for the Hero 3) and Rev’It! were very quick to offer warranty on the gloves.

Q:  What is the next trip?
A:  No plans yet.  We know it will be much shorter.  We know we would like to include a few other guys like Otis & Rob.

Q: What is my single favorite memory? (my aunt asked me this and it really made me think).
A:  There isn’t a single one as there are too many.  But here are some highlights.
Making it to Alaska.  That was the goal, we did it!
Riding through the herd of Bison.  Totally cool.
Seeing bears.  Lot’s and lot’s of bears.
The intercom banter with Dendog.
The LAST grated metal bridge!!!!  -celebration time
Kluane Lake.
Muncho Lake.
Dawson City and the confluence of the Yukon & Klondike rivers.
Meeting other people and sharing briefly in their journeys.
Liard River Hotsprings (even with the mosquitos)
Arriving home!

Coming soon, equipment reviews. I promise. More videos too. When I get time to edit them.