Day 3: Lloydminster, AB: 962 km

July 1, 2013

For the record, our mission was to get to Edmonton as quickly as possible and then slow down the km/day pace. We are now a few hours from Edmonton and have decided to re-plan the next 4 days.
It will be Grande Prarie tomorrow, camping in two different BC provincial parks for the two days after and then Whitehorse, YT.
Tomorrow we will stop in Edmonton to get some bike supplies and a GoPro case for my camera.

I have border redemption. Was a bit nervous as the crossing at Portal had two lines. Many trucks in one and the other was empty. A friendly trucker told me to pass the trucks as I wandered around. And, he was telling the truth. The line was NOT a Nexus line so we were safe. Back in Canada in a few minutes.

About Saskatchewan. The roads are generally in good condition and have decent speed limits. THEY ARE ALMOST COMPLETELY STRAIGHT!!!! It is hard to find what exit to take to find what you wanted. We didn’t eat at Subway today 🙁 We actually did not have lunch, just a snack.  I like the signs in Ontario: Subway this exit.

Tire wear in the center of the tread is significant on both bikes.

It was 30 C for most of the day. Our neck coolers worked well. We’d dip them in the water in the cooler when we stopped.

Things are going well. We are a bit tired, likely need to drink more water on the road.

Dennis shot the last hour with Rob’s GoPro (thanks Rob). Once edited when we get home, you’ll be able to see my gymnastics and stretching while riding.

I left the spot on last night. Just changed the batteries for the first time. I love the spot!

Special thanks to my spouse that is doing all of the hotel booking. Booking rooms for a vacation she wasn’t allowed to come on. Irony?


North Dakota, Between Minot and the Border.  We stopped just to take pictures.




Welcome to Saskatchewan!



Saskatchewan, pulled over for a break after 3 hours of riding.


The Battlefords Welcome Center. Not many rest stops in SK.


More tomorrow hopefully!  Bring on the Robaxacet!