Day 7: Whitehorse, YT: 673 km

July 5, 2013

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes.  Bad at night., ridiculous in the morning. It had rained a bit at night so we packed up quickly.

Way back near Fort Nelson we saw a sign that warned of Bison on the road near Muncho Lake.  We didn’t see any yesterday.  Today we saw about three dozen of them.  One large group and the rest in smaller gatherings.  We had to slow down to wait for them to get off the road.  We got pictures and video.


We saw bears too! I really wanted to see the big animals on this trip.  We saw at least a dozen bears today.  At one point I was going to pull over to take a picture of one we had just passed.  I decided there wasn’t a safe spot to pull over, but right where I had slowed down, we saw another bear.

The b

And a video of the bear:

Welcome to the Yukon Territory.


Today was amazing scenery and wildlife.  I mounted my P&S camera facing sideways.  I got a lot of pictures of my glove as I pressed the shutter 🙂 .

IMG_0761 IMG_0762


We had to stop at the Sign Post forest in Watson Lake, YT.  We did  not search hard enough to find the BWOM sticker 🙁  The “forest” is huge!


As we were riding we talked more about our pace.  We agreed to take a day off in Whitehorse before heading to Dawson City on Sunday.  I think we need the day off.  I’ve been riding 8 straight days and Dendog 7.  We still can’t believe we are doing this.

We will re-plan our route tomorrow.  We don’t publish the route so you will see the outcome on Spotwalla.

No Spotwalla updates tomorrow.  It’s tourist day.

Beautiful weather again today.  It’s good to be us!

I think there should be a motorcycle tour (fly and ride) company that operates out of Whitehorse and takes you down to Fort Nelson.