This is info about our dock project. The intent of this page is to make it easier for us to show vendors what we have to deal with and what we want.

What are we really hoping for?

  • a nice place to sit
  • not too high off the water (adjustable as the season progresses)
  • ability to swim beyond the narrow weed bed
  • a place to hang a canoe, kayak and SUP
  • future ability to add a boat lift if we ever buy a boat
  • ideally, no poles sticking up everywhere
  • easy to get it in the water in the spring and out in the fall
  • easy to get into the kayaks
  • easy to adjust as the water fluctuates over the summer
    • or some kayak getter inner / outer assit thing
  • a ladder, in the deep part so we can avoid touching the weeds
  • No floating docks.  We have one.  It floats.
  • Decking:  probably cedar or that brown pressure treated stuff.
    • Ideally it will come off easily in sections to make dock removal easier
  • Delivery:  I don’t have a truck or trailer, you will need to deliver.
    • we have road access
  • Installation:  If it is easy, and there are instructions, I’ll do it myself
    • if not, well, I probably won’t buy it

What is our budget?

Don’t know.  We will have to see what these things cost.

Where are we?

Near Smiths Falls, Ontario in the Township of Rideau Lakes

Section 1) What does the lake bed look like?

We are on the Canadian Shield.  The lake bed is primarily larger loose rocks with some silty goo.

Section 2) How deep is the water?

Top axis is distance from the high water mark in feet.  Side axis is water depth in inches.  Red line draws the lake bed.  Above the red line is water, below is rock. Click to view in full resolution.

Water Depth

Water Depth

Here is the info as a table:
Distance from High Water Mark Depth showing variation from extremely dry 2016 to extremely wet spring 2017.  Depths are in inches.

Distance from High Water Mark (ft) Depth (May 21, 2016) Depth (Oct 1, 2016) Depth(May 21, 2017) Depth (May 7, 2017)
0 0 0 5 10
2 1 0 13 18
4 3 0 15 20
6 5 0 17 22
8 9.5 0 22 27
10 14 4 28 33
12 20 8 32 37
14 22.5 10 34 39
16 24 13 37 42
18 27 17 41 46
20 31 21 45 50
22 34.5 23 47 52
24 39.5 26 50 55
26 43.5 32 56 61
28 47 35 59 64
30 55 41 65 70
32 67 53 77 82
34 86

Section 3) What does the current dock look like?

Dock from Above

There are 4 “sections to the dock.

  1. From the old stairs to the main platform is a gap 5′ 7″
  2. The stationary platform is 7′ long (as measured from shore to water, not side to side)
  3. The bridge section is 5′
  4. The final floating section is 14′

Total length from bottom of old stairs (high water mark) to the end of the dock is 31′ 7″

The side section is a stationary part that is sloped to hold the sailing dinghy.  I don’t currently think we a boat ramp to replace this but am open to options.

Section 4) What does the shoreline look like?

Note, there are two sets of stairs. The intent is to remove the big newer stairs and leave the lower profile older stairs.  Click an image to make it full resolution.


Stairs from the current dock


Stairs as they connect to he current platform. These are the stairs that we want to get rid of.


Stairs that will remain with shoreline (and bonus cheap chairs)


More shoreline


From the dock to the stairs. Get a sense of the slope and terrain

Section 5) What do we think we want?

Probably a 10×10 landing area, the at least 6 feet wide going out about 14-16 feet.  No ramp until we replace the stairs.  A couple of kayak / SUP holders and a ladder off the end.

Section 6) What do the neighbours have?

They all have some form of aluminium dock on poles of some sort.  Wide variety of manufacturers.