Who’s your captain now?

Boom!  That just happened. The boat made it to Scarborough with us on it.

Wait, the most critical news. I FORGOT PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!


  • Light swirly winds so no sailing so just motoring
  • Motoring past the CN tower pretty much an entire day
  • a lot of loons, ducks, swans
  • a bloated dead raccoon floating by (about 1 Nm offshore)
  • we docked twice (fuel dock and visitor dock) like champs!

Other stuff

  • had a shower at the yacht club. Just like in Grenada when we got off the boat, close your eyes in the shower and the world starts wobbling
  • Boat is performing well. 5.8 Kn at 2500 RPM
  • lots of practice with dock lines
  • we ate supper on board soup and freeze dried food

Nice Yacht Club here. But no easy access to town.

Tomorrow: Cobourg. Twice the distance twice the fun. Maybe get some sailing in.

Everyone says to go straight from Cobourg to Kingston. Looks like we will probably have to do that to stay ahead of the weather.

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