It’s time to move the boat

Shit.  Bravado is not always enough to overcome a lack of skill.  But let’s give it a go.  Hoping for great weather.  Prefer no wind to too much wind.  Need some background?  Click here: [Kiss my ass I bought a boat, I’m heading out to sea

The plan:
Just me and child #1.  Did I mention we have both had bad colds for the last 15 days or so??
May 4:  Drive to the Marina in Kingston.  Uber to the via station. Catch train to Oakville.  Grab some groceries at Whole Foods (aren’t we special) and Uber to the Marina.   Go over boat safety, and make sure it is ready to set sail.  Sleep (please, pretty please).

May 5:  Panic.  Check PredictWind and other weather sources.  If favorable, head to Bluffers Park in Scarborough.  Hopefully not crash into docks.  Get some diesel.  Either cry myself to sleep or rejoice.

After that??? Depends on weather.  We are hoping the next stop is Cobourg. We do need to be home by May 12 to get back to work and to call Dendog on his B-day.  So let’s hope for decent weather!!!

You can track us on Spot or Spotwalla (delayed updates for first few days).  Note that the spot page will only show data for the last 7 days.

We will be tweeting on @milddogs.  Might update with some blog posts here.

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  1. Quite worring. You and Brian will do a great job and have fun. There is never enough times to have fun with our children.

  2. I just hope you sail better than playing cards!!! Enjoy your maiden adventure!

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