There are a lot of balloons on lake Ontario

Children, don’t let your balloons float away, they end up on / in Lake Ontario.

Short post today.  We made it to Cobourg. We had decent winds for a few hours so we sailed on a broad / beam reach. But alas, the winds died down so we motored for 8 of the 10 hours.

Plan is to get up and be underway by 04:00 tomorrow and go all the way to Kingston. Low winds forecast, and some rain. But the longer range forecast isn’t great.

We can abandon that plan and divert to either Waupoos or Main Duck island. But hey, 16 hours should be easy, right?

Oh, I bought some Solarcane tonight. Not going to say why.

Mans this damn cold persists. Child number one has to yell everything at me as my good ear has gone bad.

Child number one was at the helm for most of the sailing time.

That 12 volt USB adapter I got on Amazon  seemed fine until the sparks and smoke  No fire extinguisher required fortunately


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