Day 2: Minot, ND: 970 km

June 30, 2013

No rain!!!!! (but hot) I am not as sore as I was. Much less moving around on the bike today. Much less standing on the pegs. We may hit a dealer in Edmonton to try some Airhawk seat pads.
In the first 136 km today I saw two deer and my GoPro broke and tumbled down the road.
Dendog was behind me so he missed seeing the deer but did notice the GoPro. The GoPro was not filming, so nothing to see. I circled around to pick it up. Just need to find a new case.
I met a new best friend, but he isn’t a floor (inside joke) and Dendog was not jealous. We followed a seasoned rider on his BMW K100LT for about 150 km. the bromance ended when he stopped at a rest area. We never met, but we shared a moment.
It took us 2.5 hours to leave the hotel this morning. We just keep talking to people about our trip / their trip. We met a guy from Grand Bend, ON that was staying at our hotel. He had a BRP Spyder with a trailer. He had more than two sets of clothes.
We passed through the center of North America, Rugby, ND.
In addition to my GoPro, my sunglasses were crushed by a truck after they flew out of my pocket west of the Fisher Landing, MN rest area.
So far, the only accessory I really wish I had, is a real cruise control. My Excel Throttle Lock is great, but we had very long stretches of very straight roads. For the roads we have travelled so far, a Goldwing or FJR 1300 would be ideal. I may now get a call from Art at Motorsportsworld.
Going to hook Dendog up on WordPress so he can share his perspectives.
We are at Applebee’s and our hotel room smells a bit like sewage. Some Robaxacet and good night!
I typed this one on the iPhone. Sorry for mistakes.
Lunches at subway = 2 for 2.
Some pictures follow.





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