Day 1: Hurley, WI: 981 km

June 29, 2013

Sorry, no pics.
Today’s firsts:
-I saw three Great Lakes in the same day
-I saw Lake Superior for the first time
-Longest MC ride for both of us
-I crossed the Mackinac Bridge for the first time (I recorded that with the helmet cam but was scared poopless to look around too much)

Video of the Mackinac Bridge crossing.

This is what we learned today:
-my seat is not very comfortable
-Dendog’s rain gear takes about 1/2 hour to get on / off we will have to remedy this somehow.


-Do not accidentally go to the NEXUS line at the bridge, that will cost you an hour inside secondary screening
-The Sena Bluetooth headsets are totally awesome
-people talk to you and ask you about your trip
-It can be very windy near lake Superior

One cool thing (ha ha), as we approached Lake Superior, the temperature dropped 8 C in 20 km.

In summary, we had a great day. It rained for a while in the lower part of Michigan, but after that, it was pretty nice. Bikes were good. Met a guy in Grayling, MI that recognized my ADV (Adventure Rider Forums) and DSP (Dual Sport Plus) stickers.

We did a little over 1/14th of our total distance today.

I actually used the hot tub at the hotel. It felt good. The other one of us will be stopping by Walmart to get a bathing suit since he forgot his:)
I actually saw a mailbox that said “Sharts”. At least that’s what it looked like.

I hear many are enjoying the Spotwalla stuff.

Off to Minot, ND tomorrow.

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