Day 16: Yorkton, SK: 629 km

July 14, 2013

Today was a beautiful day.  It was sunny, a nice temp @ 21 C and the roads were in great shape.

We had throttle lock races.  Dendog wins in the uphill sections.  I assume this is because he is in his power-band and because his bike is 100 lbs lighter. It’s a fun way to pass the time on the VERY STRAIGHT roads.

Dendog riding in SK
Dendog riding in SK

Our wildlife count was limited to prairie dogs.  I’m not a bird guy, but we always see a bunch of birds.  Birds seem to like to fly at us.

It was really neat approaching Guernsey, SK as there is a huge mine. Since this is the prairies, you could see it for miles.

We did not have any trouble finding gas stations, unlike our last trip through Saskatchewan.

We had an extended stop in Wynyard, SK.  We got gas, Dendog got some A3W and then we hit the car wash (working at the…).

Dendog's rad before.
Dendog’s rad before.


Dave washes his dirty bike.
Dave washes his dirty bike.

We didn’t take many pictures.  Shot some GoPro video.

If I was still 12, I would have a lot of fun with some of the city names in Saskatchewan.  Today’s favorite was Colonsay.  Reminded me of a scene in Wayne’s World (party on!).

We had Subway for supper.  It was a nice change from the crap we had at Smitty’s in Lloydminster.  That was the worst meal of the trip.  This includes comparison to our Mountain House meals (which were actually pretty good). Best meal  of the trip was Klondike Kate’s in Dawson City.

Back in Fort Nelson, the FJR guy recommended a Russell All Day (or Day Long?) seat.  That might be my next farkle.  My Airhawk was a little off today.  Maybe the lower altitude or perhaps it has shifted?  I will adjust in the morning.

I accidentally left the computer (in a lunch kit) sitting by the bikes while we were gone for an hour for supper.  I would like to thank Yorkton for not taking it.

It’s a short ride to Winnipeg tomorrow.  We will hit Walmart on the way out so I can get some sunglasses.  Maybe I will video us getting onto the bikes tomorrow.  It must look really funny.

People continue to ask about our trip when we stop.  I don’t think that happens much when you travel by car.

Bikes are good.  My oil level seems stable.  Dendog may have an issue with the fan on the Versys.  We will just have to keep moving.

We are great and enjoying the adventure.  I don’t think a trip like this is a “book”.  If this was a single book, our climax would have been the section from Dawson City to Tok.  While that may have been the mission, we have seen so much and traveled so far that everyday is a different kind of excitement.

One day Dendog might write a post to this blog.  Maybe.


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  1. WOW…Dave and den dog….you guys are crazy…glad for you Dave, I have seen every post and read your blog with gusto (not at work Dave)….what a great trip you guys are having and your memories with last a lifetime…lucky guys indeed ; now, the mild dogs name does not fit you guys anymore;not after the trip that is… time to pick a new name. See you when you get back and keep it real..!


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