Arizona 2024: Day 21: Apache Junction, AZ: Triskaidekaphobia

Mrs Brad had Brad quiet and in bed at a reasonable time. Thanks, Mrs Brad! Wee bit of a late start for me this morning given the lack of sleep. Perhaps related to the sunburn induced hot flashes I experienced throughout the night. At around 0200 I woke up thinking I might turn on the air conditioner. But a quick check of the thermometer and it was only 18C in here. A minute or two later I was chilled anyway.

Morning walk took me back to the Sunset Vista trail. I was determined to do a bit more of it. It was overcast so I hoped I could get away with only one water bottle and my thread-bare walking shirt. I was wrong about the water and I’ll let you know tomorrow if I have even more sunburn. I did get about 500m further before I had consumed slightly more than 50% of my water. I did make the mistake of wiping my forehead with my shirt. That just about felt like rubbing 60 grit sand paper across my sunburnt head. I was also hopeful I could improve yesterday’s pace a bit but I did a little less running and forgot to pause my “workout” while I took a picture (their phone) of some nice people sitting on a rock. I measured at 3 seconds slower per km today.

I passed by the group camping area (the one that had previously been used for “the wedding”) and today they had a civil war encampment reproduction. It was like Man Scouts. There were people in uniform and flags flying. One notable absence was the confederate flag. Which is too bad, cause if they were flying that I was going to quickly change into my Daisy Dukes, tie my shirt like a halter top and go hang with the lads.

We hit the road around 1110 and headed to the dump station. The bees claimed it as theirs so I had a polite discussion with them and they agree to not sting me as long as I spilled a little bit of “water” for them. I fulfilled my part of the bargain as did they.

Mission number one (or two, if you include the dump station) was to scout a wild camping spot for mid next week. We liked it a lot. Road was a little iffy at times and we did spin the tires once.

After we left the secret destination we drive north on the perfectly straight highway 80/79. We passed through Florence, AZ (go team Florence!) which seems to have all of the prisons. Once we got onto HIghway 60, there were traffic cones set up for an event. The event was a huge Renaissance Faire. There were literally thousands of cars parked there. Related? I have been trying to watch the latest Napoleon movie. I watch it in 10-15 minute segments and I’m really not digging it.

We had hoped for some quick provisioning and a stop at a taco truck for lupper. Dang it! The taco truck does not open until 1600 and it was 1400.

We arrived at the campground somewhere around 1430 and filled up with water (Picacho Peak does not have much water). We are in site 13 and we are facing the superstition mountains. Hmmm. <-Mrs Milddogs pointed that one out.

Our neighbours arrived shortly thereafter all dressed up in their Renaissance Faire attire. They were nice and asked Mrs Milddogs to take a group photo of them. She obliged. Our new renaissance friends packed up slowly and headed back towards Idaho around dinner time. THis gives us one less neighbour.

I can only conclude that today was a busy day for the tickle trucks with all of the people we saw playing dress up.

Pre-dinner we did a nice walk down one of the nearby trails. Amy saw a bunny and a lizard.

You might get a tad tired of the sunset pictures. Too bad! This place is beautiful. OK, the campground is acceptable at best, but the scenery is wow.

Post sunset Amy and I walked Mrs Milddogs over to the showers. Amy and I did a short walk and then we had to wait right here.

Amy waiting

Tomorrow we have to switch campsites so we will use the opportunity to do a bit of shopping and to get some takeout food. We are trying to find a nearby place with Navajo Tacos. Weather forecast is suboptimal as well. I shall never say this again; I might enjoy a small break from the sunshine and heat.

Tres semanas completas!

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