Loaded for the Trip: Trial Packing

This post contains some pictures of the bike “fully” loaded for the trip. Trial packing is essential but I assume we will refine as we go. I did notice that the lack of easy access storage (like a top box) is a bit of a pain. The tank bag is handy, but in the rain it is covered by a rain cover. The Wolfman Expedition dry bag is great for protection, but it is strapped down 16 different ways and is a roll top. The Jesse panniers are great, but are covered by the dry bag. My brother mounted a RubberMaid Action Packer to his rear rack. I can’t really do that as I need the rear rack to carry a gas can once we are north of Edmonton.

Now the devastating (exaggeration) news. I don’t have room for my camping hammock. It will be tent camping only. When going unknown places, you don’t want to rely on only having a hammock. You may not find trees or you may encounter a hammock unfriendly campground. Perhaps this is the incentive I need to stay in more hotels.

Now that I finally fixed the (in)ability to upload pictures, I can post some.




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