Day 5: Buckinghorse River, BC: 426 km

July 3, 2013

Welcome to British Columbia!

Welcome to BC
Welcome to BC

Our first camping adventure! It’s a good thing I didn’t bring my hammock, there wasn’t anywhere to hang. Perhaps you could hang from the mosquitoes that were everywhere. A good supply of Deep Woods Off and clothing plus our awesome bug net hats made the adventure almost tolerable.

We took our time leaving the hotel, no rush since it was a short day.

It was a fairly easy ride. There was a beautiful gorge with a scary metal grated bridge. We hate those things. Enter slowly, accelerate through, guide the bike gently and keep the eyes far ahead! No front brakes!

We stopped in Fort St John for Tim’s and I picked up my 1 gallon gas can at CTC.

We got some GoPro action for the second half of the descent to the gorge. Can’t remember where it was, things are blurring together.

It was really nice to have a short day. Gave us time to hang out and set up camp. We had our first Mountain House meal (Teriyaki Chicken with Rice) and it was really good.

Sitting at our campsite. Dendog on the river bank

Had a nice fire. I had to ride across the highway to pick up the fire wood on my bike. I have a bunch of Rox straps so it was pretty easy.

The park has a boil water advisory. We brought our own in my MSR dromedary bag. I do have a filter, but we prefer good chlorinated hotel water!

The campground is small, with basic amenities. You can’t reserve. You just show up, park in one of the tiny spots and drop your cash in the bin. The campground is on a nice river (Buckinghorse) that flows pretty quickly. We didn’t bear proof too much and we did not get eaten. The downside to the campground is it is close to a work camp. During our stay, someone nearby was discharging a shotgun until very late into the morning.

We met a nice you couple from Switzerland and a guy from Alberta that liked Johnny Cash.

We packed up early and hit the road. Spot can tell you when. Even Dendog’s ubiquitous Telus coverage failed us there.

The weather was beautiful the entire day.

The official name is “Buckinghorse River Wayside Provincial Park”.

We still can’t believe we are actually doing thisOn the road


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