Arizona 2024: Day 28: Tucson, AZ: More food truck

Boom! Good enough night sleep. Walk was in the city shoes around the familiar safe roads / pathways of the area. No pictures taken. After breakfast we forced Mrs Milddogs to enjoy the pool while Amy and I headed over in the van to the local Fry’s supermarket. I fired up the generator and turned on the air conditioning for Amy while I did a rapid small provision. I’m aware that running a generator to cool the van is rather non-green. But let’s consider these little inputs: you are required to run the generator monthly in order to keep it operational; Amy deserves maximum comfort and it was a bit hot out.

While I was paying for the groceries, the nice cashier guy used a generic loyalty club number so I saved an extra dollar. Then, I was able to split payment and used up the remaining $21.87 on that ill-fated Vanilla Gift card. End of chapter, end of book on that little distraction.

Amy and I got back to the campsite and set ourselves up for napping and reading. Amy doesn’t like to read so she mostly napped.

Mrs Milddogs gave us the sign that we should bring over the laundry (right near the pool) as there were machines available. Problem: Change machine was broken in her preferred laundry room so I popped over to the other one, by the other pool, and loaded up on quarters. Laundry delivered and it was time for lunch.

While outside sitting under the tree, a roadrunner friend came by. His comfort zone was about 5 feet from me. Which, strangely is about the same comfort zone my human friends have. Mrs Milddogs also saw one at the pool as it ran along the top of the concrete wall.

Meep meep

The following section contains criticism and complaints. Skip it if you want only the happy stuff. The people across the road from us are having a family gathering, cars arrived, people gathered and la musica started. That was about 5 hours ago. I politely went to the office, informed them of all the rules being broken and told them we had to move. We considered pulling the plug and driving to a boondocking spot in the desert. But, long weekends in uncontrolled spaces can be a bit raucous. We booked a real campground to avoid that. They would not move us. Later, we tried again, they would not move us. We shall see what 2200 quiet time brings. For now, we live like class A motorhome residents and are shut into our van and running our loud fans.

Now, sometimes good things come from bad. Since we didn’t want to stay here, we broke camp and headed over to the food truck / outdoor market area to pick up some food truck dinner. We had planned on walking over to the local taco truck again, well, I did walk over, but it was not there. Off to Comida Park we go. We walked around a bit until we found the path to food trucks. Amy didn’t like the noise of the carnival rides. I don’t speak much Spanish but I think the rides were called “Certain Death” and “Poorly Maintained”. We picked our first food truck and ordered some tacos. The pollo was a bit dry but the birria was quite nice. We wandered a bit more to seek our next food because two street tacos is not enough for me and we ended up at the same food truck as they had hotdogs estilo Sonorense. Even better, they had a special with 2 estilo sonorense, a coke and some papas fritas. Sign us up.

In real talk, the Sonoran Hotdogs from the place we have gone twice previously were better. I think it comes down to the bun. The tacos at this place were better than the ones we got a few weeks ago. I forgot to take pictures of the tacos.

What trip to the food trucks is complete without a churro to go? Yup, churros for the road (forgot pictures again!) As we left, we noticed the sign at the entrance that said “no pets” good thing Amy identifies as a people!

We drove back to the campground, party still going. Hooked up our van and walked over to the fire pits they have and relaxed in the relative quiet near the main road. Was getting chilly so we headed back stopping at the office, again, reminding them of their rules, again and not getting a different campsite, again.

Tomorrow we have a longer drive to a Harvest Host between Los Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX. Since we lose an hour due to time zone change and have to be there before 1700, we will likely be on the road by 1000. That, of course, will be after a shower. Weather is expected to be a bit crappy here in the morning so we will likely forego any early morning pool time.

I forgot to bathe Amy in the pet wash station today. Might do that in the morning too. Sounds like it might be a busy morning.

One thing we have noticed, when it is 26C and sunny, we are in shorts and struggling in the heat. Local people are in jeans, sometimes hoodies or jackets. I’d melt.

We kept it real, but so far this has been the only drag of the trip. 1/28 isn’t bad and nobody got killed. And that drag forced us to explore a bit more and perhaps overeat a bit.

Amy says goodnight.

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