Arizona 2024: Day 27: Tucson, AZ: We did it again

Quartzite has been good to us. At the time of year we have gone we love the wide open spaces and lack of other people (for the most part) doing stupid things (for the most part). Maybe when it is free you drop your standards a bit.

To meet our goals today we had to be on the road by 0830 or so. Morning walk started at 0730 (which was too late to meet the stated goal) so I kept it short at 3.6 kms.

We hit the road at 0857 and drove the first 4 km in about 14 minutes as we came through the wash and onto the more real semi-paved road towards the Highway 10 onramp.

Weather forecast said high winds were expected and we met a few stiff crosswind gusts. Plenty of dust devils were observed. We made a quick stop at one of the nice rest stops about and hour after we departed. I took the opportunity to do a luxurious wash of the face in the rest stop washroom. The stalls are interesting in that the doors are about knee to chest high. Thus, if you are sitting (careful with the spelling, although the other one works too) you can’t see out, but any taller people can catch a glimpse of your reign on the throne. Note that I did not use the throne, I was just after the face wash.

Rest stop. Those garbage cans came in handy. Free dog poo bags too!

We decided to take Highway 85 south and rejoin the 10 just north of Picaho State Park. It was nice to take in different scenery. By different, I mean we had not seen these exact rocky hills nor these exact cacti. We even spotted some nice future boondocking sites.

Our next stop was in Tucson for lunch and we were thrilled to find our desired lunch place open on this Good Friday. I’ve got to say, those hot dogs are worth the trip to Tucson. Turns out there is another food truck serving Sonoran Hotdogs about 4 minutes from our campground. What will tomorrow bring?

We arrived at our campground (back at the LazyDays/KOA Tucson RV resort) at around 1400 and we got parked and level enough. I urgently plugged in the van to get the air conditioning going and we sent Mrs Milddogs off to the pool while Amy and I napped. We both needed naps!

Dinner was left over pizza and some other samplings from the fridge. Turns out the pizza was stored snugged up to the freezer and was somewhat frozen. I like cold pizza, but not semi-frozen pizza. A bit of heating in a frying pan, pairing with a Bud Light and we were ready for dinner.

We did some more citrus picking both before and after dinner. We may have enough now.

We are now near people again. It will take some getting used to. Tomorrow we are staying here and will provision a bit, do the laundry, relax and maybe give Amy, the desert dog, a bath.

Short one today. Take care out there!

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