Arizona 2024: Day 31: Austin, TX:Cup of Pie

A bit of a rocky sleep due to the wind but it was good. We ended up having the 3 RVs (us included) and one SUV parked overnight in the lookout.

We awoke to clean air as the dust had settled. The sky was cloudless. Here is a shot of the van and the valley in the early light.

For the morning walk I had the option of doing many back and forth trips in the overlook. At 250 meters in length, it would take a few. I decided to head up the road and just watch for cars (I saw 2). There was some informal trails listed on AllTrails but they were on private land so I stuck to the road. I obviously could not go through the one gate as it stated “Wash Required” and it had been a few days since my last confession shower.

An important detail missed from yesterday. We saw this guy who obviously had a solution to the “shitter’s full” problem.

Screen grab from dashcam. Shitter’s full.

We hit the road around 0930 for a long day of travel. I chose the route that took us by Buc-ee’s (north of San Antionio) and Zaxby’s (in Buda, TX). However, that kept us on the main highways and took us to northern San Antonio and then back up. Fortunately the wind was not a strong as yesterday but still a bit problematic. Perhaps because of the dust yesterday or we actually hit a very different geography and climate late yesterday, today we noticed how green everything was. We were definitely in Texas Hill Country now and out of the wasteland of west Texas. West Texas is a little crude.

We could identify cars that had been through the dust/rain/dust/rain cycles yesterday by the patterns of caked on dust/mud and tell tale splatter patterns from the rain. They looked just like us.

We made a few stops for fuel and snacks and Amy breaks but otherwise just drove until we got to Buc-ee’s. We got a few useless things, some sandwiches and dessert (not desert, had enough of that). Sandwiches and dessert would be stored away for supper. This Buc-ee’s seemed like it was twice the size of the one in Missouri. Easily had twice as many gas pumps. They carry beer and other beverages as well.

There is a non-associated RV Park right next to the Buc-ee’s. I stay there (ignoring the highway right next door) just for the chance to visit Buc-ee’s for a few days in a row. Mrs Milddogs tells me that Buc-ee’s has a special breakfast menu.

Next was Zaxby’s. Mrs Milddogs had watched one of her youtube people testify that the shrimp and shrimp sauce at Zaxby’s were amazing. So we went. I had a chicken sandwich (remember, Buc-ee’s was put away for dinner) and Mrs Milddogs had the shrimp. She reported that it was good and the sauce was very good. My chicken was acceptable but I would have preferred to stop at Shake Shack just up the road.

Finally, we arrived at McKinney Falls State Park south of Austin, TX. We are in the same loop we were last year. We got the van parked but could not level it enough. Turned it around, still not level but at least the correct end (head) is higher.

You may notice that there is vegetation here. Trees and things like that. I hugged a few of them as it had been some time since we have seen lush green. Fifteen years ago we took a family trip to Arizona and we stopped and had dinner in Holbrook, AZ. The waitress mentioned she was from the Pacific Northwest. We mentioned how beautiful it was in the desert. She agreed but then insisted she missed green. Trees, grass, plants other than cacti. I understand what she meant.

Since we had trees, I set up a hammock and donated it to Mrs Milddogs. At first Amy wanted in but accepted her role as ground patrol.

My hammock has been occupied

Time for a walk. We headed over to the upper falls. We did that walk last year with our friends, but it rained a lot and it was colder. Today, there were more people and some were swimming in the creek. I discovered that completing a gallon of Buc-ee’s cola prior to a walk might require diversions to the rest room. I should have known better.

Upper McKinney Falls

On the way back we stopped at the bluebell field. There were people there all dolled up getting their late afternoon staged couples pictures. So we joined in, except we did not pay for the professional photographer.

Us in the bluebells

After the walk we ate our Buc-ee’s sandwiches for dinner and then had our Buc-ee’s dessert.

Chocolate and Key Lime cup of pie

Sadly, the key lime was far to bitter for citrus loving Mrs Milddogs. I shared my chocolate pie, which offered no bitterness, with her. I was also not bitter.

I hit the showers. Still bad. But not the worst. 4/10.

No sunset photos. There are trees in the way.

Tomorrow is another long driving day and we have to provision. H-E-B here we come!

Bye, bye key lime pie!

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