Arizona 2024: Day 33: Caddo Lake, TX: Ups and Downs

Quiet campground except for the metal bridge that is on the secondary highway about 1km from our campsite At night it sounds like a jet taking off as trucks (I assume) go across it. Odd that the sound travels so well through all of these trees.

Morning walk was on most of the beautiful trails here in the park. This is a fairly hilly area so you go up, then down into the small stream valley then up again. Now, do that on the way back too. In 3.5km there was 70m of elevation gain total. I did fail to realize that mosquitos would be out. I also forgot the number of spider webs I walked through last year. I have since been reminded that first one on the trail is the spider web remover. You are welcome. I look forward to doing my job tomorrow morning.

Next on the agenda was relaxation. We have a palatial campsite so we enjoyed the ability to stretch out. I commenced to reading more of Geddy Lee’s book. Then I set up a hammock, which I was able to use later on. Mrs Milddogs seems to have taken a liking to the hammock. That’s good news, perhaps I will have more hammock purchasing opportunities!

We met another couple from Ontario. They were in their new 2023 Leisure Travel Vans (a Canadian company) and had been traveling since November.

Prior to lunch we all headed out on a walk. Fortunately many of the spider webs had been removed by earlier hikers and it was a bit warmer so the mosquitos were less abundant. We hiked over to the CCC hall. This involved the same amount of up, down, up which Amy loved. She enjoys running up hill and down hill.

We stopped by the bayou to have a look. It’s pretty with all of the Spanish Moss in the Bald Cyprus trees.

Lunch was leftovers and lead to more relaxing time. I was able to sneak a nap in the hammock. Usually 5 minutes and I am in slumberland.

You may remember that I saw a bobcat yesterday. This morning I ran into one of the park naturalists (he had a uniform on so I knew he was a naturalist and not a naturist) and asked about the bobcats. He said they are here, but they have never captured one on a trail camera. I decided that I should feel special for having seen one as he definitely was not telling me I saw a dog. Later, when I was off somewhere, Mrs Milddogs saw the animal again and told me that the “bobcat” had a collar. Wow, they have domestic bobcats here. Then, you will be disappointed to know, I saw the “bobcat” and it is actually a dog. Female dog, recently given birth, brown tail with a black spot on the anterior part of the tail cleverly disguising it as a bobcat. Who knew?

Dinner was burgers on the NomadiQ, bag o’ salad, some naan for buns and left over grilled veggies. I’m sorry momma, tonight, we’re cleaning out the fridge.

Post dinner we took turns heading to the showers. Mrs Milddogs was unlucky and did not get the exclusive shower room (aka the family washroom). I, on the other hand, did. Now, before you get all riled up about me using the family washroom I would like you to know that I have a family. Qualification met!

Next was family walk number two. Before we got going Amy posed for a picture.

Only took pictures of the trees on this walk. But I was ready to capture the bobcat.

One day I shall google how the moss gets way up in the tree.

Back to Geddy Lee’s book for a moment. I’m enjoying it. As a later in life Rush fan (started with reading Neil’s books) I appreciate getting the back story. Although I do have to go a listen to some songs he mentions for context. Offspring #1 and I were fortunate in that we got tickets to the R40 tour stop in Montreal. We had really good seats on the floor. Much like the Bon Jovi concert both offspring and I went to in Ottawa (also floor seats) we were pretty representative of the demographic attending. Father and offspring. R40 was a great experience. I’m really happy offspring #1 and I went to that show. The twist is that Dendog was hopefully going to attend with us, but at the time he could not make the schedule work. Next time, we agreed.

Tomorrow we leave Texas. Thanks, Texas! We start to head further north and will be stopping in Arkansas at our third Harvest Host of this trip. The drive is not as long so we can be a bit pokey in the morning. Let us hope the line is not long at the old dump station!

I have not even looked to see if there is a Buc-ee’s on the way. Sometimes surprises are good too.

Note: I’ve changed the gallery pictures from opening in a new tab to just expanding in current tab. Hope you like it.

There was a pretty big (for April) snow storm yesterday/today back home. I hope the 1000’s of hometown blog readers are doing fine.

We have not yet stopped at a Krispy Kreme, nor a Crumbl Cookie. What are we doing!

Bye, for now!

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