Arizona 2024: Day 34: Cabot, AR: Poking along

It has been about 36 days since I last used my password for work. Yet, every time I boot up my Mac to construct these complex, insightful and intriguing blog posts, I instinctively want to type in my former work password, not the highly secure passphrase I have for my local account on my Mac. Muscle memory?

Some sleep then a morning walk. I did the same trails again as they are The trails but this time I switched up the direction and did a few different spurs. Lovely trails, you should try them. Lovely park, you should visit. Next time I swear I will rent a canoe and go out on the bayou. Maybe next year?

Proof of walk

We had a relaxed morning as we were on no fixed schedule. We had told the Harvest Host we would arrive between 1600-1700. Mrs Milddogs took Amy for a walk while I did some of the van prep. Amy had other ideas and chose to not move after 5 minutes or so. She is a bit obstinate some times. Amy, that is. Packing up was a bit more involved as we had power, water and I had to re-pack the only outside accessible tiny storage area we have to get the traction aid / levellers back in. All done and we headed off ahead of schedule at ~1030. To our relief, there was no one at the dump station so I took my time while I relieved the van.

Next, we stopped at the camp store and chatted for a while (did I mention we were ahead of schedule) with the staff and the woman I kept bumping into around the park. We got these!

eclipse glasses

Our first stop was in Atlanta, TX to satisfy my craving for a baked good or donut. We decided on Daybreak Donuts and had a good old time trying to find them. First address took us to some other scary store (using google maps) then we fired up Apple maps and it took us right to the location. Was not much on the outside, nor the inside for that matter. We got some donuts (acceptable) and Mrs Milddogs got a Texas kolach (Texans fill them with meat, not fruit) filled with a mild boudin (sausage). She ate just enough to realize she had eaten just enough. Off we go!

Next we stopped in Texarkana, TX for some Sonic. Chili Cheese Tater-tots to share and a strawberry lemonade, hold the ice, for Mrs Milddogs. We shared the CCTTs (which look far less appetizing in pictures than the first bite actually is) until we both decided we should stop and then Mrs Milddogs popped into the adjacent Dollar General (shareholder) for a few things. Back on the road we crossed into Arkansas. Officially out of Texas.

Our next stop was in Arkadelphia, AR (I don’t make up these names) to enjoy some quiet time at a city park. The park was along the Ouachita River and was quite nice.

There were some beautiful older homes in Arkadelphia. It was a nice stop.

OK, this is dragging on, let’s get back on the road! No more stops until we gas up just before the Harvest Host – remember, unless you are arriving unannounced at relatives house just before meal time, you should always arrive with a full tank! I have plenty of relatives to thank that fed me through my impoverished student days.

There was some traffic through Little Rock, AR but nothing significant. We arrived at our Harvest Host just after 1600. We were a tad nervous as the parking area is a grass field. The host greeted us and we plotted a course to get the van onto a concrete pad. Did not get stuck! It has not rained much here lately, apparently.

This harvest Host does not have anything in season for us to buy so we made a small donation as an expression of our thanks. The campsite is about 75m from a secondary road. The expectation is that the traffic drops off in the night. We have been at or seen many campgrounds far closer to major traffic areas. This is technically “free”.

For dinner, Mrs Milddogs whipped us some pulled pork nachos with leftovers from the BBQ place we stopped at yesterday. We seem to have a melted cheese theme.

Frying pan pulled pork nachos with Tillamook cheese

Sorry (or you are welcome) for the lack of Buc-ee’s in this post. I think we have passed our last one. It’s not like passing a kidney stone, passing the last Buc-ee’s gives sadness.

Tomorrow we have another big driving day to somewhere in Missouri. It’s all back roads, which should be nice. I’ll have to check if we are going past Cuba, MO to see if we will be near Missouri Hick BBQ, a two year tradition on the way home.

Now stay tuned, as we have a special surprise coming up Sunday.

Until we meet again!

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