Day 40: That’s a wrap: Sarnia, ON to Kemptville, ON

Morning walk was uneventful. We were on a schedule to hit the road so I kept it short.

Surprise, it was windy.

We disconnected, said goodbye and hit the road. Traffic was minimal the entire way. Stopped a few times for snacks and Amy breaks. Took the 407 to avoid Toronto. Both GPSs agreed on that choice.

Amy mostly sits on a dog bed we have elevated between our seats. That forces us to do choreographed gyrations to get into our seats while Amy moves as little as possible to stay just out of the way enough. At Port Hope EnRoute we took on fuel and had some lunch. I placed my wrap on my door armrest. I grabbed Amy so Mrs Milddogs could perform her seating position dance. Amy noticed my wrap and was happily chomping away when I caught her. We compromised and I got half and she got half.

We stopped at CTC in Prescott and Mrs Milddogs grabbed a few provisions at the YIG next door to CTC. At CTC I picked up supplies for the oil change tomorrow and used their dump station (you pay a fee).

We have driven this route hundreds of time. It’s just a drive. At ~700km it was one of our longest legs. Since our last stop in Texas it has mostly been a slog to get home. That’s the price of going far, you have a long trip home.

We arrived home (yeah). It feels huge. We have been living in the equivalent of our master bathroom for 5 weeks and 5 days. When I forget my reading glasses in the kitchen at home, it’s a 30 foot walk. In the van, it’s a 3 foot walk.

So that’s it. All done. Great trip. No regrets. Impossible to pick a top moment or thing. Too many. I might post some stats. Stay tuned.

Thanks for following.

Updated map.

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