Arizona 2024: Epilogue and Stats (with Update)

Well hello there! It’s been 18 days since we arrived home and I have finally figured out all those those stats I wrote down incomprehensibly. Forget keeping track of the oral history, I can’t even make sense of the notes I took.

Since arriving home we have enjoyed the almost daily sounds of progress. Bell Canada’s (shareholder) contractors are laying fibre optic cables in our ‘hood. It seems to be a lot of noise for not much progress. We are looking forward to the outcome.

In previous trips I published Google maps showing where we had been. I have not done that (yet?) for this trip. What I will publish is a huge table that does contain links to each location on Google maps. I’m not offering any reviews of the various spots.

Update: It is worth mentioning (again) that 100% of the state parks we stayed in were booked relatively last minute thanks to alerts we had configured on Campnab. We highly recommend Campnab!

Click the Date link to go to the blog post for that day. Click the Campground link to go to the Google map of the location (sometimes approximated).

DateDayCityStateCampgroundCamp TypeKMAverage Fuel EconomyEstimated Litres
March 3, 20241SarniaONMom’sFamily68215.31104.41
March 4, 20242Terre HauteINCracker BarrelCracker Docking74215.61115.83
March 5, 20243SpringfieldMOCooks RV ParkPrivate Park61214.4188.19
March 6, 20244El RenoOKLake El Reno Municipal ParkMunicipal Park52814.4176.08
March 7, 20245CanyonTXPalo Duro SPState Park42116.1167.82
March 8, 20246CanyonTXPalo Duro SPState Park00.00
March 9, 20247CanyonTXPalo Duro SPState Park00.00
March 10, 20248Fort SumnerNMBosque Redondo ParkBoondocking4818.518.88
March 11, 20249BolesNMOliver Lee Memorial SPState Park28915.6145.11
March 12, 202410DwyerNMCity of RocksState Park38813.8153.58
March 13, 202411DwyerNMCity of RocksState Park00.00
March 14, 202412WillcoxNMTirrito FarmsHarvest Host34214.9150.99
March 15, 202413VailAZBLM LandBoondocking26113.5135.26
March 16, 202414VailAZBLM LandBoondocking00.00
March 17, 202415TucsonAZLazy Days KOAPrivate Park12813.8117.68
March 18, 202416TucsonAZLazy Days KOAPrivate Park00.00
March 19, 202417TucsonAZLazy Days KOAPrivate Park00.00
March 20, 202418EloyAZPicacho Peak SPState Park6615.6110.30
March 21, 202419EloyAZPicacho Peak SPState Park00.00
March 22, 202420EloyAZPicacho Peak SPState Park00.00
March 23, 202421Apache JunctionAZLost Dutchman SPState Park12215.8119.29
March 24, 202422Apache JunctionAZLost Dutchman SPState Park00.00
March 25, 202423Apache JunctionAZLost Dutchman SPState Park2316.913.89
March 26, 202424QuartziteAZBLM LandBoondocking29514.2141.92
March 27, 202425QuartziteAZBLM LandBoondocking00.00
March 28, 202426QuartziteAZBLM LandBoondocking00.00
March 29, 202427TucsonAZLazy Days KOAPrivate Park41815.1163.16
March 30, 202428TucsonAZLazy Days KOAPrivate Park1115.311.68
March 31, 202429AnthonyNMKayFarmsHarvest Host49313.1164.63
April 1, 202430Fort LancasterTXFort Lancaster Scenic LookoutBoondocking55112.1166.73
April 2, 202431AustinTXMcKinney Falls SPState Park49814.4171.76
April 3, 202432Caddo LakeTXCaddo Lake SPState Park52814.4176.08
April 4, 202433Caddo LakeTXCaddo Lake SPState Park00.00
April 5, 202434CabotARMagness Creek FarmsHarvest Host38113.5151.47
April 6, 202435Saint GenevieveMOHawn SPState Park45014.9167.10
April 7, 202436GraftonILPere Marquette SPState Park19212.8124.60
April 8, 202437Fort WayneINCracker BarrelCracker Docking67313.3189.58
April 9, 202438SarniaONMom’sFamily42813.6158.25
April 10, 202439SarniaONMom’sFamily00.00
April 11, 202440KemptvilleONHomeFamily68315.31104.57
Total / Average1037614.401494.00
Stats and Links

Here are a few summaries.

Number of nights by type of “campground”

Camp TypeNights
Cracker Docking2
Private Park6
Municipal Park1
State Park17
Harvest Host3

Number of nights by state/province


What’s next?

My callous on the left middle finger that grew due to my persistent death grip on the steering wheel through all of those windy days has started to revert to more normal skin. Important to maintain those soft skinned hands.

In retrospect, having a specific goal on these trips is helpful. In 2022 it was a desire to get to Monument Valley. In 2023 it was spend some time on the ocean and explore Texas. In 2024 there was no specific goal. Sure, chase the weather, take a break from home, take a break from work (might have overachieved on this one). But nothing that allowed this book to have a climax. The drive home is always the denouement but without that climax. Next year we shall have a mission. And not just to get to Mission BBQ. Stay tuned for that. Note that we are not keeping secrets, we just have not decided. If we go back to the southwest, it would be nice to have even more boondocking days and make the official camping parks the exception. Boondocking adds to the adventure.

Summer is coming. Time to sail around the lake soon.

I also have to write a dissertation on the cost effectiveness of heat pumps. Also still seeking the ideal bicycle to take with us on van trips.

Don’t forget to follow along with Tony and Barb, they are about half way done their adventure.

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